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Rusty Thistle

For us, a "Rusty Thistle" is an item that's been around the block. Perhaps it's a bit tired looking, worse for wear, or has outlasted its original purpose. 

To some, a Rusty Thistle is ugly or simply overlooked as junk - an unwanted weed to be uprooted and discarded. Yet to those with an eye for reuse, a Rusty Thistle is akin to the prickly, purple-topped thistle  plant that possesses inherent beauty.

When contemplated with an open imagination and offered a little TLC, a Rusty Thistle can be given a newfound purpose.

Indeed, this premise can be applied to objects and places ... as well as to people. 

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If you’re creatively remaking or reusing materials or items you are already a member of the Project Reuse tribe. Share your projects with us and the world.  Post photos (before and after) of your  projects to  social media tagged #ProjectReuse.