U-Build-It STEELY HEART Garden Stake  Kit

Video demonstrates how easy it is to create a STEELY HEART garden stake. Kit offers a hands-on way to celebrate LOVE or perhaps to commemorate the loss of a beloved pet. 



Commemorate the loss of a beloved pet.

Memorialize a  pet who has passed with this hands-on, u-build-it, garden stake kit. 

Easily constructed. Simply attached the stake to our signature jagged-edged heart using the pre-rusted hardware. Insert and bend the heart-hook as a place to hang  a your pet's tags. Create a small concrete base using the dry cement mix included that is infused with Sedona Red pigment. 

Whether you plant the stake to mark a pet's final resting place or simply as a memorial, it will stand as a lasting reminder.  The steel heart will rust slowly and naturally when exposed to the elements, just as one's grief will ease with the passing of time. 

 Garden stake measures 23-inches tall when assembled.

KIT INCLUDES: Steely Heart (12" x 9"), steel rebar stake, assembly hardware, heart hook, cement mix for base.

$35 - plus $14 shipping


Whole Hearted

Rusted STEELY HEART clings to a perforated steel canvas and is tethered by a chain. This functional piece features a hook embedded in the heart. Use the hook to hang a memento or to keep your keys handy. 

$55 (plus $15 shipping)


Chain My Heart

Clinging to a canvas of sheet steel, this multi-dimensional piece features a Steely Heart encircling reclaimed  hardwood from a piece of old furniture. To keep the heart from floating away it's tethered by a chain. (Measures  18" wide x 24" tall x 1" thick.)

$125 (plus shipping) 

Over-the-wall Trellis Hook


Over-the-Wall Trellis Hook

Made with steel flat-stock, these sturdy hooks slip over a  standard 4-inch thick masonry garden wall. They provide a snug fit and eliminate the need for drilling holes that may damage a hollow block wall. 

Designed to hold a lightweight trellis.  Our Over-the Wall Trellis Hooks are ideal for use with a  low-cost sheet of wire mesh that can be found at most  home improvement stores.  

$25 (set of 2)

$8 shipping